Empowering Global Visibility, Influence and Connectivity

Diplomacy and International Affairs

  • We engage with Diplomatic and Protocol Professionals in over 65 Countries providing solutions to International Business, explore opportunities and helping organisations understand the strategic engagements of diplomatic empowerment. We promote activities that enhance Diplomacy, Government, Trade, Economics, foreign policies, Culture and Society
  • Under our Marketing Research Introductory Service (MRIS) – We provide market research and advisory solutions for International Business. These solutions are tailor-made to help clients understand the doing business etiquette and cross-cultural functions. Also, Travel Tips and maximizing opportunities within diversified and unique markets.

International Protocol, Leadership & Business

Corporate Services:
  • Executive Education Development: We develop Corporate Education across departments and across industries. We work together with the Training, Learning and Development departments to co-create, design and implement the skills that make the added value of Professional Training Solutions.
  • We provide designed training solutions essentials both face to face, virtual to specific Industry by using a unique combination of expertise, experience and skills across industries. We partner with our clients to help them develop the global, International & competence of their company, organisation or Government and their teams
  • VIP and Relationship Management: We create unique strategies in relationship building and VIP Management using our extensive and influential network. Providing excellent support and awareness on VIP and Protocol Management.

International Engagements and Events

Our team promotes various collaborations and provides opportunities for partnerships in our networks providing best practices across multiple sectors. We provide insights and analysis t various events and conferences, public and private speaking events, roundtable discussions, panels, and tailored expert conversations. We give visibility to upcoming Businesses and platforms providing them access to explore emerging opportunities with a diversified approach

Under Study Tours/Visits – We organize visits for Government and Public Departments, International Organisations, and companies tailored to meet organisational goals, enhance performance and provide solutions.

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Cultural Enhancement & Inclusive Management

We provide solutions to creating a truly consumer-focused culture for various organisations, Diplomats and professionals through our network of experts. We offer a comprehensive consultation and process improvement model, engaging cultural enhancement tools to promote Inclusive Management, enhance service and improve organisational results.

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