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About the International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy (ICPD)

We are the leading Independent platform working globally to make Protocol and Diplomatic Practices more effective and build recognition, empower global visibility, connectivity and create influence for the advancement of the profession.

We are dedicated to the profession's visibility, integrity, value and performance, therefore we promote Diplomatic and protocol engagements through research, consultancy, education, training and networking opportunities. We educate, Influence, transform and build Global Leaders who make significant differences within the Global Diplomatic Community and Diversified Industries by facilitating connectivity, provide viable opportunities and bridge the gaps amongst individuals , Government and International Organisations, Consulates, Embassies, Associations , International Business Communities, Countries,International bodies etc.

We are also driving the Sustainable Development Goals- 2030 Agenda through our Sustainable Leadership Scheme which creates awareness on how the role of Diplomacy can accelerate the delivery of the SDGs.

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Expert Team

Patricia Kenneth-Divine

Founder & Director

Em Bartels

Head of Operations Africa

Fadya Nazirkhan

Country Representative (Mauritius)


Claudia Stohmann R. de A from BOLIVIA

The International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy (ICPD) truly promotes a Global experience through its motivational and inspiring network. Their diverse and multi cultural programs bring a highly positive impact to learning and development and cultural awareness. It is an honor to be part of promoting the Sustainable Development Programme an Initiative of ICPD to create awareness on achieving the SDGs 2030 Agenda.

Nour Arab Sustainable Energy Engineer

My experience with the International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy (ICPD) was remarkable as I see how they provide solutions and a meaningful platform for learning and development. Their events cover a diverse range of subjects that are vital for success in today’s world. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to Speak during this event.

Najet Ben Mabrouk Ambassadeur,, Tunisia

The International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy brings so much positive impact to diversified Industries from learning and development, Leadership, Cultural Awareness, Public Diplomacy, Corporate Governance, Protocol and Diplomacy, SDGs and many other sectors. I have enjoyed the conferences, workshops and webinars organised by ICPD, they are always informative and exceptional.

Samira Sassi Administrator "Tourist Security Unit"Administrator Tunisian National Tourist Office Administrator "

I applaud the excellent work and the opportunities that ICPD provides for professionals across the world. Its a really global experience

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