Women in Protocol and Diplomacy Network ( WinPDN)

Our contributions towards the delivery of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Project (WinPDN) was set up by the International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy to create awareness and increase Leadership and Management opportunities for Women in Protocol and Diplomacy creating a better access to share knowledge, best practices, exchange of expertise that will accelerate positive and structural change in the area of International Business Engagements, International Trade and Investments, Diplomatic Engagements and Protocol Practices etc

This programme also contributes towards Sustainable Development Goals Agenda for 2030 aimed at providing quality Education and supporting women. We aim to work with 100’s of Professional women across the globe and drive economic growth through improving learning and development, Increase productivity and support 100’s of women professionals in their career path.

Our mission is to identify opportunity gabs for women in Diplomacy, International Business Protocol and Women leading in Diplomacy globally. Promote knowledge and growth in Business, Leadership Management, and Governance through applied learning programmes, community building, Workshops and Focused Groups activities. Our curriculum is intentionally designed to supports women’s representation in international engagements and national diplomatic and Protocol services.

The Project has 3 major categories:

Access to High Profile Networking: We celebrate and promote women’s aspirations and purpose by connecting and engaging with Diplomats, Industry leaders, Experts, professional development resources, career and business opportunities. We are keen on helping women achieve professional success and improve their concept of working with a global mindset.

Education and Development – We provide a range of specialised and tailored programmes to help women achieve their aspirations and goals. These include Leadership, Business, Diplomacy, Entrepreneurship, Cultural enhancement, Global mindset, mentorship, Policy, etc. And through our network of partners we open access to global opportunities.

Be Global: We are creating visibility and connectivity in various communities across over 70 countries promoting the empowerment of Industry based women to support, inspire and drive positive change. Providing the opportunity and resources to make significant differences and provide solutions for gender in-balance within our communities.