Diplomacy and SDG’s 2030 Agenda

The International Centre for Protocol and Diplomacy is committed to contribute and provide support towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda. We are determined to do this by ensuring we develop solutions embedded in our planned programmes using our tools of Diplomacy and Protocol.
SDG 4 – Ensure inclusive, quality education and promote learning opportunities:

It sets out our positive approach to increase learning and development opportunities within the global diplomatic communities; we continue to drive diversity, skills, collaboration, Innovation and wellbeing across our communities.

Our Priority outcomes delivery plans:

  • Drive economic growth through improving the skills pipeline, Intensify productivity and supporting people in the new world of work. We shall embrace global opportunities especially in the area of culture enhancement and global mindset.

Under our Global Education Executive Programme (GEEP), we would open up 10 skills High quality Programmes giving more people the opportunity to learn. We would support Businesses with our International Business Protocol and Dynamic programme that provides the etiquettes of doing business effectively in over 40 countries and emerging markets and Industries and ensure through our partnership platforms provide Business Advisory for potential companies who are looking at expanding their portfolios.

  • Enhance working relationships within our global communities through major events and activities and reduce inequality of participation in society, particularly among young people and women. Raise productivity and empower places so that everyone can benefit.
SDG 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls:

Launch the Women in Protocol and Diplomacy Network (WinPDN) to create awareness and increase Leadership and Management opportunities for Women in Protocol and Diplomacy creating a better access to share knowledge, best practices, exchange of expertise that will accelerate positive and structural change in the area of International Business Engagements, International Trade and Investments, Diplomatic Engagements and Protocol Practices.

Promote core business of diplomacy and development through Programme delivery, influence and engagement, Learning and development, Culture, commercial management, resourcing opportunities, impacting on performance and positive outcomes. Promote our engagements and increase ethnic Minority activities within the Spanish, African and French communities reaching more women professionals. Initiate our diversity programmes to creating more opportunities for engagements.

SDG 8: Increase economic growth and productivity through improved digital connectivity.

To promote digitalisation and data sharing in favour of sustainability and the SDGs, We will formalise our processes and enhanced our capabilities in the way we deliver our programmes. We are promoting highly structured learning experience with our Digital Diplomacy management programme aiming to reach professionals across 55 countries.

The programme is designed to analyse the impact of evolving digital transformation practices in Protocol and Diplomacy to apply the right strategies suitable for the operational and diplomatic environment. Increase and maximise growth through expanding the use of data and digital technology and increasing innovation in the area of Diplomacy and Protocol.

Increase mentorship and expert advice scheme. Establishing stronger relationships, Increase visibility and improve opportunities for under-represented personnel in the workforce through our Global Protocol and Diplomatic Network (GPDN)

SDG10. Reduce inequality within and among countries:

Provide more market access for International Businesses and other stakeholders through our advisory team to drive economic development by expanding the scope and market frame work of doing business etiquette and cross cultural capabilities with diversified and unique markets. We aim to provide market entry support for over 40 attractive countries.

Deliver economic growth by expanding our visibility and work in new regions and nations through attracting new partnerships and collaborations.

As we seek to increase the value Diplomacy and Protocol in promoting economic growth, the key milestones and outcomes we are seeking to achieve include:

  • Expanding our partnerships and collaborations and advancing our learning and development Scheme to new regions.
  • Delivering the Global Protocol and Diplomatic Summit and discuss the ‘’The Impact of Protocol and Diplomacy on Economic Growth and International Business which will appeal to more Diplomats, Investors, Professionals, Business owners to grow strategic Priorities.
  • Delivering a stakeholders summit strategy for priority countries and improve international cooperation and soft power capabilities.
  • Some key events to help support our outcomes in the coming months:
  • World Protocol Matters Conference
  • Global Soft Power Summit 2023
  • Birmingham 2023 Common Wealth Games
  • Global Protocol and Diplomatic Conference
  • Diplomacy and SDG 2030 Agenda Summit 2023